The GIS courses are structured in a modular way. The proposed topics include (all topics are enriched with hands-on exercises):


  • Introduction to OSGeo, GRASS GIS, where to find help
  • Software installation, Course data usage
  • QGIS 2 Processing-GRASS GIS Integration
  • Quick journey with prepared location: 2D, nviz, map swipe tool
  • Map import and GRASS GIS location creation
  • Visualization of vector and raster maps, scalebar, symbols, grids, color tables, histograms

Raster data analysis in GRASS GIS 7 (1)

  • Terrain analysis (slope, aspect, viewshed, profiles)
  • Rescaling, reclassification, NULL data,
  • Metadata management

Vector data analysis in GRASS GIS 7 (1)

  • Geometry 1: extraction, intersection, union, dissolve, distance, generalization
  • Geometry 2: command line editing versus graphical digitizer
  • Attributes: DB backends, attribute selection (simple and SQL), updated DB records, table join
  • Metadata management
  • Notes on DTM and DSM extraction (LiDAR)

Raster data analysis in GRASS GIS 7 (2)

  • Interpolation methods
  • Resampling
  • Reprojection of maps
  • Massive raster processing
  • Time series analysis

Vector data analysis in GRASS GIS 7 (2)

  • From 2D to 3D: extrusion
  • Topology with cleaning exercise
  • Zonal statistics
  • Data retrieval from PostGIS, visualization in QGIS, OpenStreetMap via WMS

Introduction to image processing in GRASS GIS 7

  • Image Fusion
  • Color composites, indices (NDVI etc)
  • Image classification

Further topics may be offered upon request.