Course: Introduction to GRASS GIS 7

GRASS GIS logo[printfriendly]The new GRASS GIS Version 7 is gaining an enormous interest due to its impressive features. This course introduces the participants to GRASS GIS in general while starting right away with the new version.

The next GRASS GIS 7 training courses will be offered in Bonn, Germany in April 2016:


Course objectives

In this course the participants will learn how to start with the Open Source software GRASS GIS 7 which has been released in 2015. While focusing on GRASS GIS 7, we will also show how to access GRASS’ functionality using QGIS. In more detail, we cover the following topics:

  • introduction to OSGeo, GRASS GIS 7, where to find help
  • software installation, course data usage
  • QGIS Processing interaction with GRASS GIS
  • map import and GRASS GIS location creation
  • visualization of vector and raster maps, scalebar, symbols, grids, color tables, histograms
  • terrain analysis
  • rescaling, reclassification, NULL data
  • metadata management
  • map reprojection
  • vector data analysis: extraction, intersection, union, dissolve, distance, generalization, digitizing
  • attribute management: database backends, attribute selection (simple and SQL), updating database records, table join
  • geodata export

Course Audiencegrass7_las_viz1

  • GIS beginners
  • GIS professionals familiar with other GIS


Our training will take place in our training room at

mundialis GmbH & Co. KG
Kölnstraße 99
53111 Bonn, Germany

Contact us at, see


  • Own laptop (Linux, MS-Windows, Mac OSX are fine)
  • Most operating systems require that the participant has administrator rights on their laptop
  • Software: GRASS GIS 7.0 or later (download)

About the trainer

The trainer, Dr. Markus Neteler, is a core member of the GRASS GIS development team and successfully teaching GRASS GIS courses for more than a decade.