Course: GRASS GIS 7 advanced training

[printfriendly]The new GRASS GIS Version 7 is aiming at enterprise level due to itsGRASS GIS logo impressive features. In this advanced course the participants learn how to use the power of GRASS GIS 7 for their geospatial data analysis.

Next training date: upon request, Bonn, Germany

Contact me at <>

Course objectives

The participants will learn how to perform complex operations with the Open Source software GRASS GIS 7. In more detail, we cover the following topics:

Advanced raster data analysistrento_direct_sunlight_15dec2013_15pm_3D

  • interpolation methods
  • resampling
  • reprojection of maps
  • massive raster processing
  • time series analysis

Advanced vector data analysisr_thin_vectorized

  • from 2D to 3D: extrusion
  • topology management
  • zonal statistics
  • data retrieval from PostGIS, visualization in QGIS, OpenStreetMap via WMS

Introduction to image processinglandsat8_pansharpen_pca1

  • image pansharpening and fusion
  • color composites, indices (NDVI etc)
  • image classification

Course Audience

  • GRASS GIS users
  • GIS Professionals interested in learning the power of GRASS GIS


Contact us at <> with the following information:

  • name, company name (if applies), and address
  • how many places in the training
  • please indicate if you need help with the installation of GRASS GIS 7.0
  • which operating system will be on the laptop brought for the training
  • address for the invoice if different from participant’s address
  • any special number/remark to be mentioned in the invoice

Please also refer to our Terms and conditions.


  • Own laptop (Linux, MS-Windows, Mac OSX are fine)
  • Most operating systems require that the participant has administrator rights on their laptop
  • Software: GRASS GIS 7.0 or later (download)

About the trainer

The trainer, Dr. Markus Neteler, is a core member of the GRASS GIS development team and successfully teaching GRASS GIS courses for more than a decade.