GRASS GIS 8.0.1 released

This is an update release of the GRASS GIS 8.0 series.

Download source code tarball at

For further release details (bug fixes and enhancements), see

The GRASS GIS 8.0.1 release provides more than 20 fixes and improvements with respect to the release 8.0.0.

1. What’s Changed

Important fixes

  • utils/mkhtml: fix print warning/fatal message during compilation to not break offline compilations (#2139) by @tmszi
  • r.quantile, r.stats.quantile, lib/stats: fix quantile algorithm (#2108) by @metzm

Module fixes

  • r.colors: fix order of rules (#2167) by @metzm
  • r.geomorphon: combine profile parser rules to allow usage as pygrass module (#2154) (#2226) by@ninsbl
  • TGIS: fix semantic label (#2215) by @metzm
  • t.rast.mapcalc: transfer semantic label (#2219) by @metzm
  • t.rast.neighbors: transfer semantic label (#2218) by @metzm



  • MS Windows packaging: add missing dlls from MSYS (#2204) by @ninsbl


  • describe the fork process more in detail by @pesekon2
  • Fix typo in v.import documentation (#2142) by @agiudiceandrea
  • cleanup of marketing section by @neteler
  • manual pages: remove unneeded SVN Date entry and selected cleanup (#2143) by @neteler


Full Changelog: 8.0.0...8.0.1
Visit also the release page

Thanks to all contributors!

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Markus Neteler , a founding-member of the (D-A-CH), (Italy), and the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo), was head of the GIS and Remote Sensing Unit at the Research and Innovation Centre of the Fondazione Edmund Mach, Trento, Italy from 2008-2016. He then co-founded the mundialis company (Bonn, Germany), a startup specialized in open source development and massive data processing. He is author of several books and chapters on GRASS and various papers on GIS applications. Being passionate about Open Source GIS, he became a GRASS GIS user in 1993 and a developer in 1997, coordinating its development since then.

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