Back home from heart surgery

Disclaimer: strictly offtopic :) Just a personal health state report, nutshell version…

Maybe some have noted my temporal “disappearance” from email and such in January. The reason was that I spent almost 50 days in hospital since beginning of December. So, what happened?

On 10th December I went to the “Centro Gallucci” of the Padua University Hospital for “routine” examinations in preparation for a future surgery (I know of my heart problems for years; they did not have much effect on my life since I was asymptomatic). But after the initial examinations they scheduled me for an emergency surgery. Err, little shock…

Eventually, I got the open heart surgery on 3rd January (“Bentall-De Bono” method, 7hs of surgery in total, 2hs heart in standstill). During the surgery they realized that the heart state was even worse than known before, with an estimated life expectancy of perhaps months only not having it done immediately (they got me from the cliff). Anyway, the surgery went well, I have now a mechanical valve + ascending aorta (so, you can hear me now :p). BTW: you go in awake, the Padua staff was really nice. And interesting to see how they prepare the surgery, a busy moment (then send make you sleep in no time).

On 10th January I was send to the rehabilitation center (Codivilla-Putti hospital, Cortina d’Ampezzo). However, I got a complication which is not uncommon: inner bleedings with a starting cardiac tamponade as discovered some days later. On 14th January, during heavy snowfall at Cortina, high speed ambulance ride back to Padua, with immediate drainage surgery (lung area and heart, removing more than 2l of liquid). Not really fun… (this little surgery also on a Monday, same time, same room, same staff!). But after some days I got way better. Just 10% of my body weight was meanwhile gone.

On 23rd January I was brought back again to the Cortina rehabilitation center where I spend two nice weeks – no more issues so far :-)

Since 5th February I am back home – and will stay here for a longer while. Various odds and ends need to be resolved first – the recovery is long but steady!


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13 thoughts on “Back home from heart surgery

  1. volaya

    Markus, I am really happy that you are fine. As Jorge said, now take your time and relax until you are fully recovered. That is the most important thing. I am sure you will be in good shape soon.

  2. Robert

    Thank you Markus for this very private post. Take care of youself during recovery. GRASS and other projects are important, but not as your health.

    Best wishes from Cracow…

  3. Luca Bezzi

    Wow, we did not know of your misadventur… Alessandro ad me wanted to come to find you in S. Michele just some days ago… Happy to know that you are good now! Take good care and rest very much! Best wishes for a full recovery. We will come to find you when you will be 100% OK. Hope to see you soon!

  4. dnewcomb

    That was quite a ride! Glad to hear that they caught it in time and were able to fix it.

    Your health is more important to your family than your work, I hope you get well soon!

  5. Dylan Beaudette

    Thanks for the update Markus, we were worried about you. Take care and rest, the open source world needs you.

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